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NAME: Sarah
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NAME: Kashuu Kiyomitsu
CANON: Touken Ranbu
AGE: ~330 years old, appears early 20s.
Kashuu Kiyomitsu is a sword focused on appearances. While some of his comrades emulate the style of their owners, Kashuu emphasizes his own style. As such, his hair is always neatly combed and his nails are always manicured. His short stature is improved slightly by the presence of high-heels.
CANON POINT: Having completed the events of 6-3.

BACKGROUND: Kashuu Kiyomitsu was a sword forged in 1684, by a swordsmith that lived by the riverbed. He "lived" surrounded by outcasts and undesirables and had many masters. The most famous master, the one that weighs heaviest on his mind, was Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi. Kiyomitsu was a difficult sword, and yet Souji was able to use him to his fullest. On the night of the Ikedaya Incident, the sword's tip was broken. Unable to be repaired, Kiyomitsu was abandoned.

Years later, mankind faced a threat from historical revisionists. The power to go back in time had been discovered and, immediately, it was being used to alter the past. In order to fight these individuals, sages were trained and granted access to treasured famous swords. Having existed for hundreds of years, each sword was imbued with a soul that the sage could draw out and use. Officially rendered as a tsukomogami by the sage, Kashuu Kiyomitsu was selected as a "starter sword" to ease his sage into her responsibilities.

The battle against the revisionists is long-lasting, with no end in sight. In some cases, the time stream itself spews out enemies to eliminate anyone messing with the timeline- for preservation or not. Still, whenever a conflict arises, they must respond, even if it takes him back to the Ikedaya Inn.
Additional Information | Wiki page | TV Tropes Page (For the brief initial plot summary.)

PERSONALITY: Kashuu is a sword that only wants the best things for himself. He frequently states that he wants to be pampered or adored which gives off a very vain image. In reality, though, those behaviors are tied to his intense desire to be loved and not abandoned.

Kashuu was crafted by the river, by a class of people considered untouchable. Still, he ended up being the sword of one of the more powerful swordsmen of his time. The emphasis on appearance is a way of distancing himself from the early parts of his life. He doesn't deny his origins, but rather tries to impart the feeling that's he's so much beyond that now- not to say he doesn't occasionally sound like a cheap courtesan.

When Okita abandoned him after the Ikedaya Incident, a deep scar was left on Kashuu's spirit. It suddenly became glaringly obvious that he had a purpose, and failure to meet that purpose meant being alone and ownerless. That only reinforced his desire to make himself pretty. His appearance was one of the things that made him valuable, so he began to emphasize that more and more. He gets very nervous whenever he's damaged, as he takes it as a sign he might get abandoned. When wounded, he looks for quiet reassurances, even asking, "If you've bothered to repair me, does that mean you still love me?"

That said, Kashuu doesn't fear or avoid combat. He thirsts for a good fight and views it as fun. He does get a bit cross when usual training verges into dangerous territory where he may get wounded, which does happen. Still, battle is an important part of his identity. "Who would bother to love a sword that can't kill?"

Being a tsukumogami means Kashuu has a bit of a distant stance on his own humanity. Although he has a human form and enjoys the benefits of it, he does overall view himself as a weapon. His inherent value is in being a weapon. While some of his comrades may wish for the end of the historical revisionist conflict, Kashuu can only hope it continues. Once conflict ends, he is a sword without purpose. In times of peace, how can a sword be loved?

Inside canon, there is little way to explore his identity outside a weapon. The only people he interacts with are the sage and his fellows swords. He treats most swords as equals with a few exceptions. The only sword he seems to show true disdain for Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, because of a grudge between their masters. Within the swords of the shinsengumi he is known as skilled (but occasionally accused of being lackadaisical or slacking). He shares a strange brotherly bond with Yamatonokami Yasusada, Okita Souji's other sword. They can friendly, Kashuu acting as a whiny younger brother to Yamatonokami's pleasant but firm older brother. They can be curt, since Yamatonokami holds Okita's memory very dear and Kashuu seems to be waiting for a new master with open arms. They can't shake, however, the deep bond they share. Kashuu may think of him as "that guy," and speak dismissively, but they have a shared history that binds them.

Based on what is presented in canon, Kashuu doesn't dwell on his humanity or lack of it. He would be more insulted if a person criticized his skill or appearance than his moral compass. Still, he defers to most humans, as they are the group he is trying to protect, the group is needed by. Even not being used by a "master," he will tend to leave decisions to other people around him. He can voice his disapproval while going along with the act- whether it's saving a life or ending one. He enjoys being complimented, no matter the source, and likes looking at what's "attractive" in the given era.

He does try to understand humans. He understands his perspective, as a weapon, is different. He doesn't hold it against humans to have lines they won't cross. Although he wants nothing more than the singular devotion of a master, he is fighting for the entire future. So, he is endeared to humans, whether they be the people of the slums he was crafted in, the sages fighting for their future, or a simple girl that calls him cute.

ABILITIES: Kashuu is a Sword Tsukumogami. As such, he is able to wield the sword that was originally his body. Despite being historically difficult to use, he has no such problems. His swordplay is heavily influenced by his previous master, Okita Souji. He shares this trait with another of Okita's swords, and notes, "neither of us can get rid of that person's habits." That said, his strength is on-par with a human's and he lacks any other supernatural abilities.

Kashuu can still sustain damage and tire himself out but is immune to aging and sickness. Usually, a sword can only break if they go into a combat situation at critical health. The exception is when a sword is very fatigued. At high fatigue, any strong blow could cause a sword to break. This can be prevented by special Omamori charms that Kashuu may eventually invest in as a hefty Activity Coin reward. If Kashuu does break, his physical body vanishes and only the broken blade would remain.

One (1) sword. It's him.
Scarf, heels, clothes.
One (1) set of internal affairs clothing. (broom not included)
One (1) bottle of nail polish.
Two (2) golden heavy infantry troops, in the form of small, egg-sized golden spheres. The troops will take minor damage in combat in place of Kashuu. Damage to troops will recover given a night's rest. If the troops sustain too much damage, they will break entirely and cannot be used again.

[Posted from default username, kashuukiyomitsu]
Kashuu Kiyomitsu, reporting in! I know we have a mission do and and all, buuuuuuuut...

You know, I really feel myself getting stiff. So, I'm looking for a training partner. I'd prefer someone that uses a sword... old comforts, you know? And, despite how I look, you don't have to treat me gently in a match. ♥ Rest assured, rest assured, this is for the sake of the mission. Any takers come meet me at the open field.

Top-level from the test drive.
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Open Voice-test post for Kashuu Kiyomitsu of Touken Ranbu!

"I am Kashuu Kiyomitsu. The child beneath the river, the child of the river banks, I suppose. I may be hard to handle but my ability is top notch. I am always looking for people who can use me well, handle me adoringly, and dress me beautifully."

Voice-test options. Please feel free to supplement any of these with material from in-game. If not canon-familiar, feel free to click about the wiki.
A. Saniwa- "Sage." Saniwa are individuals that can empower and turn objects into Tsukumogami. In order to combat forces trying to change history, saniwa go back in time and use tsukumogami of ancient swords to fight. Despite being from the future, most saniwa seem to maintain that old-school Japanese aesthetic...
A-1: Meeting: Whether choosing Kashuu Kiyomitsu as your first sword, forging him, or getting him as a drop... he's your problem now, Saniwa-san.
A-2: Secretary: Everyday management of the Citadel is important! Whether it's internal affairs, expeditions, or simply leaving it idle, Kashuu Kiyomitsu is ready to help. (as long as he doesn't get dirty)
A-3: Battle: Despite his pretty appearance, Kiyomitsu is a weapon and knows his place. He's fierce in battle and pleased to fight. That said, he gets a bit nervous if injured...
B. Touken-danshi- "Sword warrior." Any reanimated weapon that fights for a saniwa. Despite the fact "sword" is in the title, it also applies to shortblade, spears, and even naginata...
B-1: Coworkers on Break: Ah, isn't it boring when Master is out? What do you want to do? I don't know, what do you want to do?
B-2: Internal Affairs: Whether taking care of horses, working in the fields, or sparring to improve their skills, warriors have to work together.
B-3: Battle: Who secured the MVP bonus? Maybe there was some battle-damage? Will RNG just let them find the Boss Node already?
C. Other- Sometimes you just need to choose a third option.
C-1: Generic jam-jar set-up: Who are you? How did we get here? I'm so perplexed.
C-2: High school AU: Despite what fanart would tell you, Kiyomitsu does wear the boy's uniform. Not to say he wouldn't look good in the girls'!
C-3: Historical setting: Whether it's meeting a young and poor Kashuu Kiyomitsu in the poorest parts of Edo or during his time as a Shinsengumi sword, this is for if you'd rather forsake the "time travel" element.


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